Collect items

Collect items including ink and toner cartridges, cell phones, laptops, tablets,             e-readers and more. Check out our price list to see all the items we accept and their value.

 To help boost collection, hold a contest or collection drive.



Pack A Box

Pack your qualifying items according to our shipping guidelines. Re-use any boxes available to further recycle; CFK has no box size or weight restrictions so feel free to use whatever you can find! 

     *If boxes have food or chemical information on them, please cross this out with a black marker.                                                                   



how to ship ups pic.png


Contact your CFK representative or click here to request a label. Once you have this, simply tape the label on the box and leave it in your onsite UPS pickup/drop-off spot. If UPS does not come to your location, you can take it to your nearest UPS ship center.

Click here for UPS locations near you.